React Native Picker

React Native Picker

Native picker component for react native, For select through some values. Installation of React Native Picker using npm using yarn React Native Picker Usage Now the important thing comes you have to import Picker from the library. next you have to create state which you can use by Picker you can add picker component in … Read more

React Native TextInput

How to add TextInput in React Native

TextInput is basic component of Forms in any application. If you want user to write anything like email or password etc. then you need TextInput. React Native TextInput TextInput allows the user to enter text in the app via KeyBoard. So here is how you are gonna add this to the app. Working Example This … Read more

React Native Video

React Native Video

This is a video component for react native . Installation of react native video using yarn Using npm React Native Video Usage Props audioOnly – only for audio, no video content (true, false) controls – for showing controls on video player(true, false) fullscreen – for fullscreen button (true, false) muted – audio muted (true, false) … Read more

How to make your first app with react native

How to make your first app with react native

Here you are gonna learn how you can make your first app with react native. But at first if you don’t setup environment for react native then click here. For those who have setup environment according to expo you need to do here in place of ReactNativeGuides put your app name. and after that you … Read more

How to setup environment for react native

How to setup environment in react native

There are two ways you can install react native in your system one is for those who are new to react native, and other is for those who know app development or have basic knowledge about it. setup environment for react native Quick start with Expo CLI – for beginners Start with React native CLI … Read more

React Native ScrollView

scroll view in react native

In view component we create basic UI component but for long content that is not gonna work. Our content hides and we can’t access it there comes the React native ScrollView. Syntax of scroll view also don’t forget to add height to ScrollView or it’s parent, else it can throw error. React Native ScrollView Working … Read more

Best React Native Interview Questions and answers

React Native Interview Questions

Every Company want best employee for themself and you want to be part of that company so these React Native Interview Questions you must know. They are gonna ensure your placement. React Native Interview Questions 1. React Native Fundamentals For cracking React Native job interview you must know the fundamentals of react native. What is … Read more