Professional Splash Screen for Your React Native App

Professional Splash Screen for Your React Native App

There are 2 methods we can create splash screen React native splash screen through component Creating a splash screen for a React Native application is a straightforward process. Here are the basic steps: By following these steps, you can create a simple splash screen for your React Native application. You can customize the splash screen … Read more

How to add loading indicator in react native

Loader in react native

In any app one component is very important which is loading indicator. When we are fetching data for our mobile application then user waits for it, if we don’t show this loading then user might think that app is not working. for this example when app is opening then we show loader at top which … Read more

React Native View

React Native View

We use View for basic UI Component, Just like we use div in html. This is most used core component in React Native. Syntax of View React Native View working example If you have any problem comment down below. If you want more information or properties than go to

React Native TextInput

How to add TextInput in React Native

TextInput is basic component of Forms in any application. If you want user to write anything like email or password etc. then you need TextInput. React Native TextInput TextInput allows the user to enter text in the app via KeyBoard. So here is how you are gonna add this to the app. Working Example This … Read more

React Native ScrollView

scroll view in react native

In view component we create basic UI component but for long content that is not gonna work. Our content hides and we can’t access it there comes the React native ScrollView. Syntax of scroll view also don’t forget to add height to ScrollView or it’s parent, else it can throw error. React Native ScrollView Working … Read more