Best way to create responsive mobile application in react native

Best way to create responsive mobile application in react native

We all want our app to be responsive, we want to give style according to all devices. We don’t have resources for hiring a specific team for managing device sizes. For all these things their is a library called React Native Size Matters. We are gonna learn how to achieve this goal. React Native Size … Read more

Accordion React native || best accordion library with examples

Whenever we want to show a accordion in our react native application then we have so many options but all have some flows. We got confuse that which one to choose. We also have some issues when we use accordion libraries with our current UI library like native base. But this library supports all popular … Read more

which is the Best UI library for react native

I am using react native for my app development for quite a long time. I used many UI libraries for getting the job done. But the one which I liked the most is Native-Base. here we are gonna see why it is the best. Up-to-Date Native base is always up to date. They never stop … Read more

How to add confirmation code field in react native

When you do any online payment or login then you need to enter otp. So if you want to add codes input in your react native app then follow these steps When you are in middle of a project than you don’t want to create a custom code input from modifying text input. You just … Read more

React Native FastImage

React Native FastImage with example, direct implementation

React Native Image component has some issues. That lack some performance. Caching is not working fine and many more. That’s why we need to use react native fastimage. Installation using npm using yarn Usage of React Native FastImage Firstly import the library at the top Now comes the fastimage component Important useful Properties (props) Now … Read more

React Native DateTime Picker

React Native datetime picker

In almost every application we need the date or time picker. When we want our user to pick the date and time like their birthdate and time then this is useful. Preview of React Native DateTime Picker Installation using npm using yarn Usage of React Native DateTime Picker Firstly import the library usage with state … Read more

React Native Image Picker

React native image picker

React native image picker is a module of react native for adding the functionality by which you can add any image or video from device or from camera. With React Native Image Picker, you can allow users to choose an image from their device’s camera or gallery and then use that image in your app. … Read more

React Native Swiper

React Native Swiper

This is called as the best Swiper component in react native so far and It is easy to use and have direct implementation. Preview of React Native Swiper Installation of React Native Swiper using npm using yarn React Native Swiper Usage Important useful Properties (props) There are many types of props for React Native Swiper. … Read more

React Native Picker

React Native Picker

Native picker component for react native, For select through some values. Installation of React Native Picker using npm using yarn React Native Picker Usage Now the important thing comes you have to import Picker from the library. next you have to create state which you can use by Picker you can add picker component in … Read more